We curate actionable ESG data

We license data to help investors make informed decisions and act sustainably, with impact.

Free yourself from the bounds of manual data scrutiny and raw data sets with our AI-powered ESG platform.

Improve your ESG practices and articulate these initiatives to clients and stakeholders as markers of competitive edge.

Our data is your ally in making a meaningful impact.

About Us

As You Know is a knowledge-based company with an exclusive license to actionable ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data of over 3,000 companies, generated over 30 years of experience in data by the non-profit organization As You Sow and other partners. 

Success in today’s market is based on the intelligent use of data. At the heart of our service is the licensing of actionable data that can transform your strategy. 

By licensing our actionable data, you are empowered with a wealth of insight to ensure that every decision is supported by comprehensive analysis. 

This enables you to create a product intricately customized to meet the specific needs and opportunities of the market, positioning you not only to enter but also to lead the market, leveraging the precision and depth provided by data-driven strategies. 


We provide quarterly or custom reports, ESG (environmental, social and governance) curated data of over 3,000 companies (Large-Cap 3000).

You get assurance and confidence, particularly in ESG investments, with our delivery of practical financial data and insights into the ethical and sustainable impact of your investments.

You are empowered to make informed decisions that align with your values and risk preferences, paving the way for your investment success.

Our curated data serves as a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow and scale. 

Customized insights empower you to refine your strategies, identify new market opportunities and build a stronger, data-driven foundation for your business expansion. 

Clients & Partners

Empowering Change with ESG Data

In an era where sustainability is key, leveraging ESG data has become crucial in driving transformative change. 

At As You Know, we understand that informed decisions are the bedrock of progress. Our comprehensive ESG data, enriched with crucial insights on racial justice and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), provides a 360-degree view, enabling businesses, investors, and policymakers to make impactful decisions that align with their ethical, environmental, and social values.

Why ESG Data Matters


Sustainable Growth

By integrating ESG data into your strategies, you foster sustainable growth, balancing profitability with environmental responsibility.


Informed Decision Making

Access to detailed ESG insights, including those focused on racial justice and DEI, allows for better decision-making, ensuring actions are aligned with long-term sustainability and equality goals.


Risk Management

ESG data, complemented by racial justice and DEI metrics, helps identify and mitigate risks related to environmental, social, and equality factors, crucial in today's dynamic landscape.

We facilitate access to high-quality, actionable ESG data, enriched with racial justice and DEI insights, equipping you with the tools to understand and navigate the complexities of sustainability and social equity.

Whether it’s reducing carbon footprints, ensuring ethical supply chains, promoting social responsibility, or advancing racial equality and diversity in the workplace, our data is your ally in making a meaningful impact.



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