As You Know builds on the legacy of As You Sow and is committed to providing companies, investors, shareholders and academia with key environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

By licensing our data from over 3000 companies, you gain access to a deep wealth of knowledge that enables you to make decisions that are not only well-informed, but also comprehensive and strategic.

In the dynamic landscape of today’s market, the key to success lies in the intelligent use of data. And this is where our expertise comes into play. We offer more than just data; we deliver actionable insights that can fundamentally change your business strategy.

Our service is designed to be tailored to your exact needs and market opportunities. By leveraging our data, you can customize your solutions to not only enter the market, but lead it. The depth of your data-driven strategies could ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


Services at a glance

Quarterly or customized reports: stay up to date with the latest trends and data.

Curated ESG data from over 3000 companies (Large-Cap 3000): Access a wide range of valuable information.

Security and confidence in ESG investments: Make ethical and sustainable investment decisions with ease.

High quality data for Informed Decisions: Align your investments with your values and risk preferences.

Powerful tool for business growth and scaling: Use our curated data to expand your business horizon.

Tailored insights to refine strategy: Identify new market opportunities and build a solid, data-driven foundation for your business.

At As You Know, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality data that serves as a powerful tool for informed decision-making, perfectly aligned with your values and risk preferences.

Our curated data is not just a resource, but a way to refine your strategies, identify new opportunities and build a stronger foundation for your business.

Join us on the journey to data-driven sustainability and experience the transformation in your business strategy. We are here to support you every step of the way.