Building on the legacy of As You Sow, the As You Know’s mission is to empower businesses, investors, shareholders and academic world with critical Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data.

Commitment to Education: Free Access for Universities

Recognizing the vital role of education in shaping future leaders and decision-makers, As You Know is committed to supporting academic institutions. We provide free access to our ESG data for universities worldwide. This initiative is designed to:

Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders: By integrating real-world ESG data into their curriculum, universities can offer students hands-on learning experiences and a deeper understanding of responsible investing and corporate governance.

Foster Research and Innovation: Free access to ESG data opens up new avenues for academic research, allowing scholars to explore, analyze, and contribute to the field of sustainable and ethical business practices.

Bridge the Gap between Academia and Industry: By equipping future professionals with knowledge and insights gained from our data, we aim to create a more informed, responsible, and sustainability-focused business landscape.

We invite academic institutions to join us and take advantage of this opportunity. Whether you want to use data for your research or learn more about it, our resources are free to you and we consider you the As You Know partner in driving meaningful and positive change.